Cold Winter | Part 4 |
Cold Winter | Part 4 | winter stories

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Our female protagonist climes the hill up to the launch site, it was presumable abandoned. But so did her male counterpart.

Cold Winter | Part 4 |

Part 4: Wishful Thinking

I sat, curled up in three thick blankets. I had taken shelter in a shed, it seemed to be a hunting shed since it was on the side of a hill. The night had crept up on me so I didn't make it to the rocket site in time. I had eaten an MRE that I found in the emergency storage back at the lab.

Hopefully, my equipment would last the night. I walked into the lab ready to continue my project. I logged into my computer and pulled up my documents from yesterday and began my work.

There was a loud crash, it sounded like it came from down the hallway. I set down my pencil to check, as I opened the door another scientist shut the door. He looked at me with a finger pressed to his lips. He looked forward and left. "Why isn't the rocket done yet!" A ragged voice shouted.

"We are all waiting for the inevitable and you can't even make a rocket to save us!" He shouted once more. "Sir, it takes time to make, test, and launch a rocket." A scientist said. "I don't care! Winter is staring us in the eye and you have the audacity to say it takes time!" He shouted before a loud bang sounded. I locked the door and stepped back from it.

Another bang sounded this one closer. I turned off the light and hid under the table. The door began to shake as the same scientist from before slammed his fist on the door. Red covered the door as another loud bang rang out. I closed my eyes.

I blinked looking at my now dirty hands. I had killed him. If I had let him in he wouldn't have been killed. It's my fault. Closing my eyes I tried to get some sleep before sunrise. The morning came, it was good to see that I had survived the cold night. My blankets were covered with a thin layer of snow, presumably from last night.

I sat up folding the blankets before putting them back into my bag. It was a new day and I was determined to make it to the launch site. I stepped out of the shed and felt the cold wind. It seemed a bit warmer today but not by much. I planned on continuing my research at the launch site, hopefully, it was all still intact.

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