Cold Winter | Part 1 |
Cold Winter | Part 1 | winter stories

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The main character leaves his shelter in order to find essentials to survive. A unconscious pull takes him to his past.

Cold Winter | Part 1 |

Part 1: A Cold Awakening

I shuddered in the cold air, I had run out of heat last week and only got heat from fires. My feet touched the cool concrete floor, I had to leave, had to find civilization. I put on my winter clothes, my snow boots, and my winter jacket. I hadn't left this bunker for over 12 years and was about to see what was left.

I packed a large hiking bag with all the essentials and food to prepare for my trek. I remembered the time I was locked in here. At the time, the news had spread that the earth would fall into an eternal winter, so my family prepared for the worst.

But what people didn't know was the sickness that came with the eternal winter. My family hadn't prepared for sickness and as a result, they locked me in the bunker and left the key in a safe, the safe would open 10 years after it was locked.

Scientists and astronomers resulted in starting a space project to find a new earth but the sickness was an unforeseen roadblock. I pulled the large, heavy backpack over my shoulders and put on a cap before walking to the safe. My fingers turned the cold metal latch to open and find the key.

I stood for a minute before taking the key and saying goodbye to my old home. I reached the door and put in the key turning the latch. A cold gust of wind blew as the door creaked open. The rusty hinges scraping. Snow covered the door and the outside snow tumbled inside. I took a deep breath before stepping outside into the cold, dead wilderness.

The cold wind whisked my jacket as my feet sunk into the snow. The sun shined through the skeleton trees on my pale face. I walked for a while, the wind died down and the surroundings were quiet. I enjoyed the scenery but felt that it was too quiet. As I walked a memory came to mind.

"The School will be shut down until further notice, all students are ordered to leave the campus and go straight home. All after-school activities are canceled." The announcements continued but I was already in the long hallway headed for the bus.

Many people were taking if the news about the eternal winter, but almost everyone was talking about the sickness. "Get away your infected!" A girl screamed before turning to run. "She's infected!" Many students screamed as a panic set in. The hallways filled with screams as everyone pushed and shoved to get out of the building.

I blinked as the memory faded I realized I had arrived at my school. The building was covered with snow and every window was broken. A couple of buses and cars sat motionless outside the building. The once loud school was eerily quiet. I stepped inside the front doors, glass crunching under my feet.

The student commands had a large roof and as a result, had caved inward from the constant stress of snow. The light came in from the hole to illuminate the empty commons. Tables laid on their sides and blanketed in dust. I walked to the kitchen and stepped inside. There were lots of coolers and boxes and whatnot, but most were empty.

I opened a box and found around 8 cans of beans. I smiled happily looting them and putting them into my pack. I continued to the shop classroom to find the roof had also fallen in. The light shines through to reveal only machines and tools lying around. I had no need for them but felt as though I should have to check it.

Feeling the school had been checked over I exited through the back.

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