Sometimes it's nice to be your own best friend.

planetnicwords messily pieced together
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On being my own best friend.

Sometimes it's nice to be your own best friend.

I go for walks alone, I take myself for dinner, I see a movie, I go to shows.

I hug myself to sleep, I hold my own hand and brush the hair out of my face.

I've gotten really good at doing things alone.

I keep all my own secrets quite well.

I find it's harder on the days where I'm noticing a lot of people in pairs, sharing moments together.

It's harder when I have a story to tell & no one to tell it to.

Or when I'm tired of picking myself off the ground.

This is when I find it hard to breathe. When I find it hard to cope. When I find it hard to be my own best friend.


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We go to school for 12-20 years and are never thought to love ourselves we can live with depression on the bad days we are used to it it's the good days that hurt when you have no one to share with that hurt the most nice poem

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
When I am my own friend, all my friends are assholes.This was beautifully written with no self-pity. Great job!!