planetnicwords messily pieced together
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Living in your own head- feeling trapped.


What do you do when you cannot escape the hurt?

It is an endless aching emptiness inside me.

I feel everything magnified 100 times over.

Time passes and blurs together.

I lose track of time if I don’t write things down

But writing “everything is too much” on each page feels pointless.

I can’t remember the last time I was happy.

Wasn’t it just June?

I avoided the daylight even better then.

The seasons don’t change within me.

It always feels like winter.

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planetnicwords messily pieced together
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planetnicwords messily pieced together
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
Wow you really poured the emotion out with these words. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. There are plenty of us who have been trapped and miraculously found our way home. Just keep writing and pouring that pain out one word at a time. Great post!!!

LostInMyDreamsCommabassadorDelving deeper into the unknown
8 months agoReply
Thanks for sharing your story. I felt so much emotion and can honestly relate to some parts. Everyone has their own story, but these feelings appear to be a part of most of us. So please don't feel alone. Keep writing it will help others and it's also helping you. I enjoyed reading your thought.