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A poem for those who have made their loved ones upset in the past


Reminiscing the saga, old sailor leaves the shore

Wandering eyes in this mystic land of silence,

he opens a lusty rusty door

Having a knack of disastrous past, taking steps ahead,

lands into the room of darkness

Wondering how long would he last? his eyes downcast

Amazed by the dwindling shadow of his legs, his brows rise, questioning his wits

isn't it too early to meet the almighty?

Hearing the creaking steps on the floor, he turns behind

With the light coming closeby, and the shapeless entity getting a face,

the room turns paradise

Alike the days with forewind, vision so far makes the sailor day-blind

Putting forth an open palm, entity with a face gently grabs his hands

Taking the sailor out of distress, a new journey began

Ship of brimming expectations leaves the shore again

Sailing further into the ocean of dreams, and with picturesque thoughts of the forewind in his mind,

the sailor came alike a wrangling tide

Belittling the forewind, so far

He opened the Door to...

"Door to what Grandpa?" asks the curious lil munchkin in his lap

Bringing back the sailor back from oblivion

He barters Silence to Mars


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