As I Overlook the Ocean
As I Overlook the Ocean ocean stories

plan_b For when I'm feeling creative
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My first poem posting here! Written in blank verse, whilst out on a walk. Be nice👉👈

As I Overlook the Ocean

How long have I been here,

An hour, maybe more, yet,

I cannot move myself from this spot.

I'm frozen, stuck here.

Even if fear freed me from her grasp

I'd remain rooted to this spot.

The ocean. She's calling me.

Yet what for I do not know.

I'm sure of it, I want to dive right in--

I'm frozen, stuck here.

I cannot be freed from my own humanity

Nor can the tides be free from the moon.

Trapped, yet the symbol of freedom.

As I watch the ocean merge with the sky

I realise my fate.

I too must merge with the times.

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