The War For The Ages: Logan #2. second part.
The War For The Ages: Logan #2.  second part. the wolverine stories

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Logan just wants rest, and while he calmly walks around in the early morning one of his most known villain shows up: Sabretooth. When Logan thinks this will be a fight like always but Victor nows it would be different this time. This time it truly would end differently​ as a normal story...

The War For The Ages: Logan #2. second part.

Unfortunate, I had to do it in two parts but I hope you'll still enjoy it. If you didn't read the first two issues, check comments fast! Have a fun reading time!

June 25, 5 pm

Logan and the rest of the X-men stand in the X-mansion while they see the disaster happening.

Scott AKA Cyclops can't watch it happening anymore and without saying anything he runs outside to the fight, a part of the X-men runs after Scott.

Logan stands still alongside Charles watching it.

A mega army that attacks New York, the streets are fully fulled with HYDRA-agents, some sorts of robots some of them are double the size of the agents,

some sort of goo-like creatures and other different sorts of goons, also bad guys like Scorpion, Swordmaster , and many many others, some of them could almost destroy a hero on their own.

Somewhere between this army walks a strange creature, something that looks like Veno and Carnom in one body...

This thing carries the name: CARNOM!

Logan sais scared and quiet while he keeps looking at the disaster, he sees an army coming towards the X-mansion and he sees Cyclops and the others who followed him fighting against that army.

Logan sais quietly:

"I thought it would be a big fight, but I could never imagine that it would be THIS big."

Logan runs towards the battle as well and the remaining X-men follow him nervous towards the battle. Logan

thinks while he screaming runs towards the army:

"No Healing Factor means no claws, I can do this. I don't need my claws, I AM THE WOLVERINE!

To be continued...

I'm sorry I had to do this in two parts but I hadn't enough space so, here it is!

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