Avengers Assemble #1
Avengers Assemble #1 spiderman stories

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Mysterious things begin to start and slowly but sure HYDRA begins to rise, bigger than​ normal and more dangerous than normal. How can the Avengers defeat​ HYDRA this time? You can find out in this story b​y: Trefamester.

This also is the main event of my story The War For The Ages: Logan.

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Avengers Assemble #1

by Trefamester

This is the main event of my story: The War For The Ages: Logan. You don't have to read this or my story to understand it, but I would recommend​ reading this. Hope y'all gonna enjoy it!

NYC, Somewhere in Brooklyn 3:00 am June 13th.

Narration (Matt Murdock): It was quiet on the streets of New York...out of nowhere, a man with a black hood on, came up to me, and pulled out a gun.

???: Hand me over all your money, slick!

Matt Murdock: Why me tho? I'm blind, did you really had to pick a blind one? Oh, is it so that I can't draw you in a police sketch? *puts down his walking stick*

???: What are you doing?

Matt: Stalling...

???: Wha-...*gets knocked down to the ground*

Spider-Man: It's your friendly neighborhood d Spider-Man! I mean...you probably noticed it alredy...Not you, Matt...well...maybe the sounds gave it away.

Matt: Thanks Spidey.

Spider-Man: Oh no problem...just a teenie-tiny one...

Matt: Did someone sue you again?

Spider-Man: Yeah...although I saved his life...whoa...the guy's getting away...eh...he's just a thug, I'll catch him next time.

The misterious criminal ran into an alley way, and he revealed his face.

???: If Spidey couldn't catch me...

Kraven:...no-one can...

To be continued... this is in an alternate universe, that is not Earth-616.

It's Earth-1213, but that's not important. The year is 2012 in this one. I forgot to tell it, but in my story,​ it's earth-1213 as well...

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