The Guilt
The Guilt guilt stories
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I asked her to stay away, I asked her to leave.

The Guilt

I asked her to stay away,

I asked her to leave.

I needed more space,

This is what I used to believe

Frustrated by her demands and expectations,

I felt little less of freedom.

Started hating to explain how I spent my hours,

what was I doing and what did I had for lunch.

Bored of relationship,

Thought I needed a break,

Just a bit more space,

to do the things I crave,

She misunderstood me terribly,

I adjusted but failed miserably,

Starting losing myself trying to keep her closely,

Finally, the separation happened,

It got over I was delighted,

went out on a trip, partied, enjoyed,

she was the one who initially suffered

Things got better as the time passed by.

Break up was tough on her,

But she got through,

I made her cry so the Karma has to come for you,

I pushed her away,

I made her weep,

Not thinking much asked her to leave.

I Met her again, could see it

in her eyes,

Everything is finished everything is blown,

Now I am the one who's fucking left alone.

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