SON of the SUN
SON of the SUN sad plight of an orphan stories

pityparker Unfaithfully yours
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I know not who I am
Who knows who I am?

SON of the SUN

I live on street

Eating the shit

Who cares for my fate?

Please look at me my deity

I know not who I am

Uh! Who knows who I am?

Disappointed of these facts

I looked at the skies

They have companions

I looked at the trees

The Stems have their friends, Leaves

I looked at the grounds

I see kids playing with their buddies

I looked at the stars

They are happy with their spouses

I looked myself into the dusted mirrors

I see my eyes interacting each other as workmates

I looked the crowd passing by my sides in rallies

I looked them enthusiastic with their comrades

I looked at the opened office gates

I looked people laughing with their confidants

I know not why I’m left on roads

Can anybody give me reasons

Uh! Who cares for these lives

Eyes full of tears

I looked in the middle of skies

In a blurred vision, noticed a single man without associates

Who gives life to all earthly lives

I knew he is the lord of lords

Happiness filled my hearts

I bet my shoulders myselves

That I’m son of lord of lord

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