The Rainbow Within Us.
The Rainbow Within Us. feelings stories

piscesblogger ~The Truth formed into written words~
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What colors do you hide?

The Rainbow Within Us.

by PiscesBlogger

People never truly understand how another might feel on the inside.

There are many days in which I wish I could express the true feelings that are hidden deep within my body.

But, I never do.

I act as though nothing could make my tower of Jenga blocks shift even the slightest.

However, at times I cant hold my feelings back anymore, and my water flows as though Im a dam that can no longer contain the pressure.

Some emotions and feelings being small enough to seep through the cracks in my dam.

But the feelings that I truly want to release, I continue to keep blocked off from the ocean of people surrounding me.

I put these feelings away as though they were books that appeared uninteresting.

Anymore I feel that the majority of the time it's not okay to express whats hiding within you.

That it's not okay to express more than a few colors of our inner rainbow.

But then again, is it truly a rainbow if we ourselves are the only one experiencing all of the colors?

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