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It's a Love Hate relationship

Love Hate

"How is it that I can love you and hate you all in one sentence?"

" How can I love someone who clearly doesn't feel the same way,"

"someone who could care less about me as a person and more about how I look?"

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to make you feel this way" he responds.

"Sorry, you say this, yet it doesnt fix anything."

"And I know, in the back of your mind you're wondering when the next time will be that you can get your hands on me."

"Because all I am to you is an object."

"And yet, even though I hate this about you, I cant help but love the parts of you that you keep hidden."

"The parts that you wont let me easily see or experience."

"You only share your body, and you only want that part of me."

"And I hate you for this."

"But yet, I love you"

"I love your mind and how you think."

"I love your humor and the way you speak."

"I love your intelligence and hope to make others feel something."

"But I'm clearly not one of those people."

"So that makes me hate you all the same."

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