He actually likes..
He actually likes..  feelings stories

piscesblogger ~The Truth formed into written words~
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It wasn't me he liked.

He actually likes..

by Sis1998

We've been friends for how long?

Since forever.

And there has always been a part of me that desired you.

And then, I thought, Wow!

He actually likes me!

I can't believe this!

I'm so ecstatic!

This is all I've ever wanted..


I then realize.

It's not me, That you like.

It's my body, That you crave.

To have, To use, For pleasure.

And I know, You meant no harm by this.

And I myself didn't see the harm in this, At first.

But now? There's only that, That I see, And feel.

The harm being done, Within.

And I can't decide.

Whether or not I want this to continue.

Because what I really wanted was you

Your true self, And that's not what I'm receiving.

That's the only thing, That I wanted, But never got.

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