Dear Future Me,
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You regret ever listening to me.

Dear Future Me,

I am a rusted, cracked relic of your past, at least that's probably what you're thinking. I am clueless; I am naive. I know nothing about what will happen to me.

I don't even know what part of the world I will be in. I don't know what kind of people I will meet.

But you know. You know and scorn me. For all the bad decisions I am making; for all the things I am not doing or am not saying. You regret ever listening to me.

But I am you. I have shaped who you are and contributed to your successes. I have taught you from my own mistakes. I have told you to keep going when it was rough.

I have carefully stored away the joy and handled with care the hurt. Without me, you would be meaningless, without an identity.

Be angry in spite of me, if you want. You're not wrong. I am still young, still dumb. But I am growing and learning.

I will always be with you. When the rest of the world lets you down, you will still have your memories of me.

Because you are me.

And I will always love you.

From, Me

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