Heaven's Secret: Five Years After Part 1

Heaven's Secret: Five Years After

Part 1 romance club stories

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Five years after the events of Heaven's Secret, Holy remains an Unclaimmed in the Academy of Angels and Demons.

Heaven's Secret: Five Years After Part 1

Based on Romance Club novel "Heaven's Secret"

"Changes are coming. The day cannot last forever, but the night will be ruthless and terrifying. Your demise has one blue eye and the other red. He will come and take your peace away.

He will fill the pools with blood and tears. What happened once will happen again."

- Nemesis

It has been five years since they left me in the Academy. They were given a chance to advance and get closer to Shepha. I wasn't. I felt so lonely at first.

The bedroom was not longer filled with Mimi's laughter. There was no one to comment on my outfits snarkily. Adi would not tease me anymore.

Andy would not try to protect me from one danger or another. I had no one to gossip with or share a break. No one visited, they were too busy. They couldn't.

My first year as an assistant professor went horribly. I made a mistake after mistake. My cheeks are still turning red from all the times I made a fool of myself in front of the students.

Despite my mishaps, Geralt and Misselina kept me going. No, that would be an understatement. They were working me like a horse. Misselina assigned me the children classes.

Demon Geralt had me going down to Hell's library so often that I was given a personal desk there. In the evenings, I would tend to Fyr and the other dragons. That was the best part of my day.

After the horrible events of my school days in the Academy, I was not allowed to do assignments on Earth anymore. I also didn't dare to see my father again until the day he died. Misselina came to me then and hold my hand so tight it hurt.

She gave me permission to attend the funeral. It wasn't a beautiful ceremony. He was never able to fully recover from losing his wife and daughter. He didn't make any friends.

That was the last time I shared a tear.

To stay sane, I prayed every day. At first, I prayed to Shepha to let me see my mother. In time, I came to a realization that she simply didn't want to meet me .

She was a Seraphim, I was a nobody. It just seemed unfair that she had all this power and couldn't make this happen. I needed to face the truth, so I started praying for healing.

And soon enough, life got better.

In time, I was given patronat over the new Unclaimed. I would teach them the Angelic and Demonic ways.

Somehow, having a teacher who is half and half made them feel less alien in this new world.

I was the youngest teacher on campus, mostly because I spent so little time on Earth compared to the others.

Some of the older Unclaimed would try to make moves on me, but I was swift to show them their place. I was young but I knew my worth.

After my second batch of students ascended, Seraph Crowley made me a full time professor. I remember that day and the celebration. We had a party in the garden.

Nothing grand, just a couple of my best students and a few professors, some snacks, some Glift. Fencio did not show up. He still couldn't stand the sight of me.

But Geralt and Misselina were clearly proud of what I achieved. That night, I let the Demon get the best of me and got Misselina one too many Gilfts.

I received a very beautiful harp from Geralt after that night. It seemed that they got cozy thanks to my little mishap. That made me very happy but also made me realize how lonely I was.

For a few years, I shut that part of me down. I didn't dare to think about Them. I did not speak their names and everyone in the Academy knew not to mention their names in my presence.

That wound never fully healed. As I prayed to Shepha, night after night, my heart began to beat again. And one day, it started to beat faster.

Leonidas was a birthright Demon. He was fascinated with Earth. I think that's what attracted him in me in the first place.

He spent so much time there that his hair started to turn gray despite him being only thirty. I ignored him completely when he first joined the faculty as an Occult Professor.

But he was persistent. He kept on asking me out, no matter how many times I rejected him. And soon enough, Leonidas became Leo. My Leo.

We moved together to new quarters in the Eastern tower, above the clouds. Seeing the sun rise everyday gave me a sense of security and Leo respected that and left Hell for me.

We would spend our days off playing music and discussing Earth. He wanted to know everything about my life and I wanted to know his. That love was so different.

It was so easy to love Leo. We asked for permission to be together. We waited long but Seraph Crowley finally gave us his blessing. We made the Vow at night.

We professed to love each other till the end of our days under the night sky. Fyr cried and accidentally sent the puryfing rain down to the mortals. It was the happiest day of my life.

But that too is in the past now. Because the suffering I experienced in my first years in the Academy was not over. The past caught up with me again.

It all started when one of Them showed up in my study that evening.

I was sitting at my desk, analyzing an ancient transcrypt about the Unclaimed whose soul got trapped in the vortex, when I heard a rumbling noise outside the window. It was already dark.

Irritated, I approached the glass to examine it but the source of the noise flew right through the glass and landed on my floor. It was an Angel. One of his wings was broken.

I let out a short gasp and kneeled by the figure. Carefully, I touched his arm and tried to lift him up. I jumped when the Angel spoke.

"You need to run. Now." Angel's face was bloody and beaten so much that it took me a moment to recognize it. He was spitting his teeth as he spoke.

"D-D-Dino?!" I asked and closed my hand on my mouth in horror. "What happened to you?"

"RUN, HOLY! NOW!" he screamed at me with all his might and with the rest of his strength opened a vortex. "JUMP IN, THERE IS NO TIME!"

"What the hell?!" I screamed and felt the vortex pulling me in. "You need help! WHAT IS GOING ON?!"

I tried to grab him but he pushed my hands. I focused all my energy on staying in but the succion of the vortex was too strong. The last thing I heard was a short whisper from Dino's lips:

"Malbonte... He's back."

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