Heaven's Secret: Five Years After Part 3

Heaven's Secret: Five Years After 

Part 3 romance club stories

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Five years after the events of Heaven's Secret, Holy remains an Unclaimmed in the Academy of Angels and Demons.

Heaven's Secret: Five Years After Part 3

"What the..?" I punched his shoulders as we flew through the clouds. I was trying to distance myself.

"Just shut up." Lucifer gave me a look of disgust but some part of me knew he was enjoying this. " If Malbonte is back. I should talk to this Angel of yours."

This time the flight was shorter. He knew well how to accelerate it. The vortex spat us out in my study. I looked around but there was no sign of Dino anywhere.

Only a broken window, shattered glass and blood. So much blood everywhere.

I picked up a feather from Dino's golden wings. Only the most worthy among Angels were strong enough to carry them.

"Let's follow his energy." I said to Lucifer, who was examining the scene with a stern gaze.

"He was dying." said the demon. "I can still feel his pain."

I felt it too. I followed that pain out of my study into the corridor.

After a short while we stepped into the courtyard and there, in the middle of the grass patch, a horror scene was enrolling. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I saw Misselina and Geralt surrounded by an army of Subantras . Their claws and sharp teeth were trying to get past the fearless teachers.

Further away, up in the sky I saw Angel Fenicio fighting alongside the dragons. They were clearly trying to push back the remainders of the attackers .

Without hesitation, I rushed towards the couple in the middle to aid in the fight. I saw Lucifer flying up to aid the Angel.

I was fighting my way through to the middle when I heard Geralt's scream:

"If there ever was a good time to use your powers, Holy, it would be now." he said signalling at my chest.

My powers. I discovered my Gift recently and completely by accident. I didn't have much time to practise or control it but I knew it could be helpfull.

I was conducting a lecture on energy generation within newborns when one of the students passed out. He was an Unclaimed, recently recruited into the Academy. He was still holding onto his past.

I dismissed the class and attempted to wake him up and bring him to the hospital but when I touched him, something happened.

He opened his eyes and for a brief moment, looked at me with a blank expression. Then, he stood up, straightened his clothes and, as if nothing happened, mumbled:

"I need to get to the nurse's office. Excuse me, mam." And he walked out.

Intrigued by what has just happened, I followed him. And indeed, obediently, he went straight towards the hospital wing and told the receding nurse everything.

About his abusive father and how he took his own life. How he couldn't move on past the guilt of leaving his mother with that monster.

He was immediately given the obleviating potion and was back in my class the next day. But something about that encounter did not sit well with me.

That's when I turned to Geralt for advice and together, we've conducted an experiment. Not the most ethical of my practices, I must admit.

For the next few weeks, I would test my ability on my newer students. I would walk around the classroom and casually touch the hand of some of my pupils and make them do small chores for me.

Bring me that book from a library, dear. Wipe out the chalkboard, please. Talk to the girl sitting behind you. Simple tasks. But all, without a single mistake, successfully executed.

I reported my progress to Geralt. He was impressed and demanded that I try the trick on him. I touched his hand and commanded him to do a silly dance in front of Misselina.

Unfortunately, that small ruse of mine, never came to flourishion. Geralt was simply too powerful.

Which brings me back to the present issue. Subantra's were not the most intelligent of creatures. They worked on instinct. It was worth a try.

I only needed to stay away from their sharp teeth though.

I pushed past the first row of the enemy with one thought only: Go away and never come back. And to my surprise, as I was reaching to the Subantras, they started to fly away.

One by one, they were forced to retreat and go back to the dark cave they came from.

But as I was approaching the middle, the amount of creatures grew in numbers and it was harder to fight them off.

They started to ripple at me from all sides and I felt a painful sensation in my legs and lower back. They were biting me and slowly pulled me towards the ground.

It was starting to get dark above my head as a sea of enemies pushed me down.

I lost focus and control. I was sure that I will be eaten alive but suddenly, I fel the ground under me move.

Thick branches of a wild bush started to grew around me, pushing the Subantra's away. I was free to stand up and regain composure. I need to remember to thank Geralt for that.

I kept on walking through the crowd, sending more and more of the spirits away. When I reached Misselina and Geralt, I was finally able to ask.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"The Subantra's attacked out of nowhere." explained Misselina, pushing a dozen of them back with a single flap of her wings. "They were slashing at the students, even the children..."

"Where's Leonidas?" I asked, looking around.

"We don't know, Holy." said Geralt, concentrating strongly on creating more wild roots to push away the creatures.

"Holy, we may not be able to hold this on for long. There are too many." said the Angel. "Take the children and the Unclaimed to Hell. The Subantra's can't reach them there."

Hell. Normally, I would argue whether Hell was really a safer place for a newborn than the army of Subantra's but I saw Misselina's stern expression. She wasn't asking. She was commanding.

"I'll get them, Misselina." I decided on the spot what my next move is going to be. With a strong flap of my wings, I flew above the fight.

I sprinted towards the open halls of the Academy in search of my students.

I found most of them hidden under their beds in their rooms, afraid to look out. Most of them didn't need much convincing and followed me down to gates of Hell willingly.

The ones too afraid to move needed to persuaded with a gentle touch of a hand.

I asked the older Unclaimed to grab the smallest Angels a take them in their arms as we descended into the Hellish abyss. For many of them it was a first trip down there.

I stayed ahead of everyone, ensuring them that a signal will come before we reach the ground.

The journey was going smooth until I heard a loud screech below me. As the smoke cleared I saw the gate Hell occupied by thousands of small chimeras.

They were cat-like creatures with cove's instead of paws. The monster were breathing fire at the gate, clearly trying to melt out an opening.

What do I do now? I asked myself, panicked. They will devour those little Angels whole. Think, Holy!

The ground was getting closer and closer and my young pupils began to cry and scream.

As soon as my feet touched the ground, I helped the Unclaimed with the landaning and stood in a defensive position. The chimeras heard us and were quickly moving in our direction.

I was ready to give my life defending the students, when I heard the gates of Hell opening. The chimeras stopped for a moment, observing the situation. A dead silence fell all around us.

And then the howling started.

It was getting closer and louder.

I screamed for the Unclaimed to step back.

An army of hell hounds was standing at the gates, their red hungry eyes glaring mischievously. And then I saw him. Above the pack of dogs, a silver-haired Demon flew, shouting commands.

"Leo!" I screamed from the top of my lungs. He smiled at me and lunged straight towards the chimeras. Pushing them off the edge into the eternal fire.

The hounds were devouring the chimeras whole. Limbs flying in all directions.

I urged the Unclaimed to cover the eyes of the small Angels. I wanted to spare them this gore scene, even though I was sure that the nightmares of this night would hount them for years to come.

It wasn't long until the hounds got rid of the monsters. Leo scolded the dogs and made them go back to their cells. The passage was clear. We were free to go.

Leo closed the gates of Hell behind us. He took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I looked into his eyes. I felt his energy and saw the anger and confusion in the reddness of his pupils.

"What in the name of Satan is going on here?" he asked, grabbing me by the elbows.

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