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pinkskies Me and Words
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When you are stuck in a never ending cycle


Be happy.

Be grateful.

Be loved fully.

I should be all of those but I am not.

This should be a new start to a new beginning, but it's not.

I'm running in circles, crashing through the same old pain, trying to be okay with the same old reasons he says whenever he does the same old mistakes.

Its a cycle, a never ending cycle.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

How does one love if you put them through the same pain over and over again.

Why am I still not enough when I've given not just myself but my future and my entire remaining life in this earth - only to you.

They love me all but I dont get the only love I needed most - which is from you.

Your love that's only for me and no one else in between. When will that ever happen?

I hope i can wait.

Though its already unnecessary and too late since right now, its already broken.

So, why am I even waiting. The cycle just keeps on moving. And my heart is tired of hurting.

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