I love my Master
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He found me. Took me in. How can I repay him? Why doesn’t he want anything in return?

I love my Master

I thought I’d never find hope. It seemed impossible

It seemed as though there was none to find

I felt like I was in total darkness

But then a different feeling occurred.

What had been lost was found.

I was found by a man who took me into his home and sat me down by a fire

For once I didn’t have to live off the streets

I was safe. I was warm. I was home

My new master would take me everywhere with Him.

He taught me to tend to his sheep.

He brought me to His spot where we stared up at the stars and he would tell me stories of a great King

He was with me at every place at all times.

Even when he left home.

He was still with me.


Was still...

With me...

Why me? Why would he chose me from the street and not one from a shelter?

Why would he take me? I hardly had my pelt on and he took me anyway.

I don’t deserve such a good master.

It’s all too good

He worries whenever I leave him though.

I will repay him.

I will repay my debt.

I don’t deserve any of this; it’s all too good.

But he clearly loves me and won’t let me go.

So I’ll work so that I do deserve it.

But he doesn’t want me to. He... he just wants me to stay with him... to love him...

I can do that, but why wouldn’t he ask for more?

“Just stay here, Little one. That’s all I ask of you.” He murmurs as we sit in front of the fire on that first night.

I don’t understand why he wouldn’t ask for more... but clearly...


I will stay. He needs me and I need him so I will stay.

Thank you, I whisper, though I know he can’t hear me.

He smiles. Oh what a smile that man has. He knows I will stay. Because I love him. He’s the one who loved me when no one else would.

He knows I will stay, because only with him am I happy.


I do

I love my Master

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