When The Sun Sets
When The Sun Sets unrequited love stories

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The sun is setting.. You're fading..

When The Sun Sets

by Lia-Chan

How cruel.. You're going again?

You were so bright a few minutes ago..

Why do you do this to me everyday?

When I rise, you set..

You're not avoiding me, are you?

What am I going to do without your light, your warmth?

No, don't go.

You're fading, dissapearing..

No, no, I want to go down, not up

Stop doing this to me, stop leaving


Is it because.. Am I-

Am I too dark for you?

Too cold?


You're really not going to stay, are you?


I know it is forbidden, I know you might harm me, destroy me.

And I'm willing to take that risk..

But you're not.

Why do you dislike me so much?

Is it because i'm weak?

Compared to you?

Then why do you still give me your warmth?

Why don't you just let me get wrapped up in my coldness?


Is this what you call unrequited love?


I have no more to say,

I will just hope for the day to come,

The day when you and I, will be together..

But deep within..

I know.

That that's just..

A childish dream.

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