5. Two years
5. Two years stories

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5. Two years

by pimsiree

It has been two years since I saw you. The last time, my eyes were swollen, tears dripping down my cheeks.

It has been two years since I've held your hands. My fingers laced into yours, like a perfect knitted blanket; cozy and warm.

It has been two years since we looked each other in the eyes. Yours were filled with music. The quarter notes beating out of your heart.

It has been two years since you cut me off, after you told me I've changed. "I think we should end this."

It has been two years since our last video call, where I would wear a white tank top and a navy tee on you.

It has been two years since I lost my best friend. The one that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

It has been one year since I stopped crying over you, about how you ignored me but "everything is cool."

It has been six months since my heart still beat for you. It used to be quarter beat just like yours, but, now, it grew into dotted quarters.

It has been five minutes since I saw you happy. Laughing at parties, without me by your side.

It has been one second since my heart ripped, stabbing with a drumstick, repeatedly, when I heard you calling her name.

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