1. Him.

pimsireeunstable & sad most of the time
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Inspired by a true story.

1. Him.

by pimsiree

We met in a basketball court. I don't even know how to play basketball. He asked for my number. I gave it to him anyway.

I didn't like him at first. Expecting him to be like other guys, leaving me after they got bored. But he never left.

He told me that, he will take care of me, do anything in his power to make me happy.

He told me, you're beautiful you're beautiful you're beautiful.

But how come I never believe those words.

He doesn't understand why I hate beans and tacos, but he still love feeding me.

He was my first kiss. He took my face, hovering over me, on the backseat of his car, few days after Valentine's.

Some nights, he fell asleep on me, while we were texting but I don't mind at all.

Instead I cried myself to sleep hoping that he will show up, hug me like it was my last day.

He would wait for me, in one of his three favorite Batman shirts, on a bench, under the tree.

He would gently put his lips on mines, one hand squeezing my ass, the other behind me head.

I flew back home where I "belong." I never heard from him again.

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a year agoReply
you really captured the emotions so well!

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awww that's so sad :( but so beautiful