7. Him (part 2)
7. Him (part 2) love stories

pimsiree for NH, back then and now
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A story of the one that got away who turned into the one that I wish was the one

7. Him (part 2)

to NH

We met in a basketball court. He asked for my number and I gave it to him anyways.

He became one of my best friends. The one that I shared my days and nights with. The one that pulled me aside from the crowd just to kiss me. He was my 2015.

He sat next to me in restaurants when it was just the two of us. He reached for my waist and pulled me closer.

But when summer 2015 blossomed, I flew back home. We never had our goodbyes. No last kiss, no last date, no last texts.

He was the only one that I always dreamed of. The one that I miss, after all the years that we have been apart.

I would search for him. My soul would long for him. My heart would ache for him.

I would wish for a day with him, where I could be back in his arms, the arms of the one that got away.

But I never found him...

until 2018

When we reunited back in his home town, he rang my doorbell and my heart jumped out of my body.

Something was different about him. He was calmer, happier, and braver. I wonder if he thinks I was his mistake.

That week he took me on dates every single night. He put his forehead on mine before he kissed me and held me closer, just like 2015.

He told me that all these years, he regretted letting me go. He held me tightly. Tighter than 2015.

It was as if everything was right in the world. Our hearts were full.

I came back home and we planned our future together. Through phone calls. Through texts. Through our love for each other.

He was my everything. The one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

We argued, we bickered, but most of all we fight for each other.

There would be days that I want to drop everything and fly 8037 miles to see him. Just to tell him that I love him. Just to lift the weight of worry of his chest and let him rest.

But that day never came. We put all our energy into making us work, to realize that we weren't right for each other.

There was not a day that past by that he wasn't on my mind. 2am, I would cry myself to sleep, wishing, praying that we would work out.

That we would live out the future we planned, the house we dreamed of, the school we want our kids to go to, the church we would attend.

NH - you are my heart, my inspiration, my rock, and my love.

I love you more than words could comprehend. I love you 8037 and beyond.

I prayed that one day you would feel the love that I have for you, even if it won't be me. You are my best friend, who I wish was the one I get to spend the rest of my life with.

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