2. What if
2. What if love stories

pimsiree for NH, back then and now
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Inspired by a true story (again)

2. What if

by pimsiree

What if it was you What if it was you all along What if

What if those hands were mine to hold What if those lips were mine to kiss

What if it was me staring at the stars, under the sky, with you by my side

What if those adventures were ours to keep What if those memories were ours to cherish

What if that seat was mine to sit, The one right next to you. In a white manly truck the one you always drive.

What if that bed was ours to sleep. What if that couch was ours to snuggle.

What if you didnt' break my heart What if you, for a thousand times over, chose me.

What if we weren't apart and not 7,854 miles away, just 13 miles, 20 minutes.

What if you waited for me What if she wasn't there

What if you got down on one knee. The way you promised me, sitting on the bench on our first date.

What if I am yours What if you are mine

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