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(This is a cartoon script I've been working on) Ep 1: The Broken String-

Hobo The Frog

Hobo The Frog, Episode 1

(This is a cartoon script I've been working on)

Ep 1: The Broken String-


(Hobo plops down on the sidewalk with his lute)

(Hobo tunes his lute slowly and takes a deep breath in)

Hobo (Singing): "Why must we all be so crazy, why can't I just be so lazy."

Hobo (Singing): "The farmer works the field all Day, And the fisher pulls from the bay,"

Hobo (Singing): "So why can-."

(loot string breaks)

(Hobo pauses and silence fills the air for a moment)

(Hobo begins to hyperventilate)

Hobo: "WHY!!!"

(Camera shows Hobo yelling towards the sky)


(We see a door being banged against)

Hobo (Muffled): Luther, Luther!

Elder Luther: "Wha... Oh, I'm on my way."

(We see Elder Luther bump against the wall against the door and then walk over to the door)

(When Luther unlocks the door, it slams open and Elder Luther is thrown away)

(Hobo runs in and speaks frantically)

Hobo: "It broke-I'm so scared-Help Me"

Elder Luther: "What happened son?"

Hobo: "My-my-MY STRING BROKE!"

Elder Luther (Sighing): "Just buy a string from the store."

Hobo: "Luther, I'm a hobo, lower your expectations."

Elder Luther: "Then I can't help you."

Hobo: "NO! There has to be another way Luther!"

Elder Luther: "Well..."

Hobo: "Yes?"

Elder Luther: "You could buy a new lute."

Hobo: "What? No, me and my lute are best friends!"

Elder Luther: "Fine, I've also heard tales about... something in the woods."

Elder Luther: "It is said that she can play the lute with god like ability"

Hobo: "I'm looking for a string, not a wood bitch."

Elder Luther: "I'm suggesting she might be able to repair your lute, but-"

(Door Slams as Hobo leaves)

Elder Luther (Sighing): "I should have seen that coming."

(Elder Luther sits down in his chair and instantly falls asleep)


(We follow Hobo as he walks through the woods)

(He plays his Lute out of tune)

Hobo: "Now where is that girl?

Hobo: "Lute Girl!"

(We hear bushes ruffle)

Hobo: "Lute Girl?"

Hobo: "Do you have a spare string?"

(Hobo goes up to the bush)

Hobo: "Lute girl?"


Hobo: "Oop!"

(Hobo falls into the bush)

(Fade to darkness)


(Hobo awakes in a dark room)

Hobo: "What the?"

(Hobo sits up)

Hobo: "Lute girl?!"

(Hobo stands up and looks around)

Hobo: "I've been in worse places, I've slept in worse places."

(Hobo begins to walk)

(Hobo comes to a room with a couch and television)

Hobo: "Lute girl, I'm in your house! Wait, that sounded wrong..."

Hobo: "Please I need a new string!"

(Hobo comes to a room with a pedestal, holding a single string atop it)

Hobo: Finally!

(Hobo climbs up the pedestal, but right when the string is in reach...)

(An tentacle grabs Hobo by the leg and holds him up)

Hobo: "Oh no..."

(The camera turns perspective to reveal that an octopus is holding Hobo)


(Hobo hits the octopus with the lute)

Hobo: "No octopus' in the house!"

(The octopus squirms away)

Hobo: "Finally."

Hobo: "I have them all..."

(Hobo snaps his fingers before taking the string and frantically fixing his guitar)

(Hobo breathes in and then)

Hobo (Singing): "The workers work the day away, And the fools jester to the pray,"

Hobo (Singing): "So why can I not, I live my way."

Hobo: "Yay!!!"

(Hobo swings his hands around)

-The End-

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