CAT HILL - descriptive narrative
CAT HILL - descriptive narrative stories

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CAT HILL - descriptive narrative

this is another thing i wrote for english about a setting that seems nice at first but is acually suspicious i based mine off of pollution here it is

It was a blue day. The sky was blue, the river was blue, and the clouds looked a bit blue. The hill was still pea green, and the sheep still white.

It was perfect, of course, the typical English countryside. What else would it be? Cat Hill was old and never anything less than idyllic.

The river coughed and spluttered, forging with Daftwood just before disappearing behind another hill. It's long and circuitous path wound all the way around Cat Hill.

Litter splurged from the sides of the river. New roads wrestled their way through the shot, tickling the river at points. It was a blue day now, but it wouldn't be blue for long.

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