Welcome to the world.
Welcome to the world. emotional stories

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Sometimes there's no time left.

Welcome to the world.

The attachment to that one being, you saw growing up, becoming an individual and undeniably falling unconditionally in love, without ever caring whether that love would be reciprocated or not.

No matter whether that individual hurts you or not, your love exceeds it.

The individual learns to walk, first holding the hand, then the little finger, then sometimes the pants and then walks to get a hold of the elder one.

He has been taught to stay with the elder one. He thinks that the elder one will not leave. The elder one will always offer their hand. And that’s where he is wrong.

He has to let go off the elder one.

“Too soon.”

He thinks.

Just when he could walk without stumbling on the plane surface, he has to leave. Isn’t it too soon?

“Just some more time.” He thinks.

When he knows there’s no time left.

“Let me say goodbye.”

He thinks.

There’s no time left for that either.

“Just one hug.”

He thinks.

And he has time.

He turns around.

The elder one is not there.

This is not the time to feel.

So the little one turns numb.

Welcome to the world.

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