your flower
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piersonjackson Community member
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a metaphorical poem that depicts flowers as...whatever you take it as.

your flower

flowers are the way to your heart you say,

but every rose i see is grey and droughted,

every tulip i pick just withers away into decay,

i was losing hope, but on i scouted.

the sunflowers seem like they've lost the sun,

every lavender found was missing its scent,

however you insisted you wanted a ton,

so i continued on with lament.

ah ha! alas i found the flower for my majesty,

a marigold of the finest contour and allure,

my odyssey for your heart will not end in tragedy,

my mind pulsed in hope, i would please you for sure.

i would bestow you the sacred flower, but you declined,

you had a surplus of marigold,

so with disgust, another lost cause you sent me to find.

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