Ann kidnapping
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Anna heard his footsteps and shuddered. The chains binding her were gently buzzing, bringing her thoughts back to the present moment...

Ann kidnapping

She was lying on the mattress naked, fastened with chains. There were soft leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

On her neck, a heavy chain, fastened with a padlock, which joined with the shackles on the feet in such a way that she must have her legs bent.

Her hands were tied behind her back and strapped to a chain that tightly wrapped around her waist, so that her hands had to be bent at the elbows.

Anna's position was uncomfortable, but she knew that lying naked in a cool basement on an old mattress was not the worst thing that would happen to her.

It was not the worst thing that happened to her so far. Her body was marked with red stripes and abrasions, the skin on her knees was slightly torn and red, and her face was flushed.

Her body glistened with sweat in the light of a bulb.

Chains hanging from the walls, a board with many kinds of lashes and strange devices filling a large room, aroused the worst feelings in her.

She tried not to think about the pain she had experienced and the pain that would come. She tried to gather her thoughts to find some way out of this unbelievable nightmare.

Memories of the last horrible moments, however, returned all the time. At the same time, her thoughts of a normal life, which she had only a few hours earlier, made her faint.

The contrast between the calm of ordinary life and the present horror was unbearable.

It was easier for her to accept her degrading and uncomfortable position if she compared her to what had happened to her after entering his home.

It was only a few hours ago. Or maybe a few dozen minutes ago? She could not say. He took her from the park in which she had recently started running.

She remembered it - running between the trees, in the evening, in the pleasant coolness of spring - what a beautiful and unreal remembrance.

And then she felt some pain and contraction in the whole body. The abductor probably used a stun gun, Anna was not sure.

Soon, however, it will be easy to distinguish all kinds of pain, but lying naked on the mattress that night she did not know much.

In any case, she lost consciousness, she did not even remember falling. Then she woke up tethered in the dark. Bound, for the first time in her life.

It's a terrible feeling, to be powerless, deprived of will and ability to act. She tried to shout, but her voice was muffled by some rags, stuffed into her mouth.

It took her a moment to realize that she was in the trunk of a moving car.

She was furious. She was convinced that as soon as the car stopped, she would come out of the trunk and dig up whoever did it to her, whoever made a joke about her.

Anna heard his footsteps and shuddered. The chains binding her were gently buzzing, bringing her thoughts back to the present moment.

The abductor descended the stairs to the basement, and her thoughts immediately returned to the memory of the first flogging...

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