How to speak to a Tree:
How to speak to a Tree: poetry stories

picturingpoetry Poet, Dreamer, Philosopher
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free flow poetry about trees :)

How to speak to a Tree:

Place a gentle palm against its sturdy bark,

delicately, deliberately, slowly, softly

Trace the crevices on its skin,

With fingers that want to understand

and then,

Close your eyes and observe,

as a blind man reads a book... Each crack and crevice is a letter in braille

And the more you read, the more you realise

This is not just one tree

But a tiny cosmos, an ecosystem in itself,

That harnesses life beyond the eyes can see

And then shut out sounds and listen,

As a deaf man sways to songs

Feeling the rhythm vibrate from the ground,

Through your toes up to your mind

Till your body just can't help but move with joy,

And then relax your muscles and feel,

As a tired mother embraces her new born

No words, no sounds,

Just the synchronized beating of hearts,

Like the synchronized swaying of trees

In a forest where all is one.

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