Wasteland - [MOTHER]
Wasteland - [MOTHER] suraimu stories

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Head-canon for how an OC's passing would go
(first fanfic I've actually written; no editing, just words coming straight from my mind)

Wasteland - [MOTHER]

It's been decades after the events of the search for the monk. Decades after the demi-god's awakening. Decades after losing, and gaining new family.

She got to care for a good friend's kid, but... She herself never got to start a family herself. She didn't complain though. She thought to herself,

"Yeah, this should be enough for me..."

For years, she thought this was fine. Caring for someone else's kid should have been enough, right? A year ago, the slime began to notice something. Tiffany had stopped speaking to her.

"Sis? Where did you go? Please, speak to me... It's so lonely without you..." Just a month ago, she noticed that bits of her slime were flaking away.

She would always heal and regrow her slime, but the flaking worried her. Suddenly, a thought hit her like a truck.

It had been so long since she had seen something like this, but the grim realization settled into her mind. Just like Rai, she was turning to dust. The slime was dying.

2 weeks pass by. The slime had grown more sluggish, and more and more bits of her body turned into dust. Her pupils were almost a blank shade of grey.

Soon enough, she would have a great friend help her walk around.

3 days pass by once again. While the slime was walking with her friend, she had fallen onto her knees. She looked weak, and her eyes looked tired. They had been completely greyed out.

"Suraimu? Are you ok?" Cawk said with worry in his voice.

"I... I don't think so..." Her body, slowly but surely, turns to dust.


"Yeah? What is it?" He holds her in his arms, making sure she's comfortable.

"Do you... Do you think I'd be a good mother?"

"Yeah... You'd be a great mom"

Tears begin to flow down her eyes, as she says, "That makes me happy. That makes me so, so, happy..."

With one small, bitter-sweet laugh, and with one last smile, she fades away in Cawk's arms. Turning into dust, floating in the wind.

Quiet sobbing can be heard, mourning for the slime's passing, and for the slime's unfulfilled dream.

To be a mother.

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