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pibobelebeep 'Ni puha Ni pera' search it up :)
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You wait for a phenomenon, idly under the vibrant sky


A sky-lit dinner, basking beneath the waves of purples and greens. Jades and emeralds rather, as you sip the warm cocoa.

You wait under this ephemeral sky, not gazing up like the dozens around you, but rather looking upon the empty seat in front of you.

It had been twenty minutes and the scenery opposing you had yet to change. The small wooden chair stared idly back at you.

Perhaps, there was a lot of traffic. After all, Sunday nights tend to be busy...

right? You begin tapping your nails against the armrest of the chair, letting out small knocks of frustration, unheard by those around you busy gazing up at the night sky.

Maybe, you should look up, chances are, once again, it "slipped my mind" and you would spend your birthday alone once again.

At least it wasn't an anniversary you chuckle, although upon further contemplation it is in fact an anniversary of your existence.

You look up at the sky, its too late, the sky once again sings its sing of sombre black and blue, not a jade nor emerald insight, although the diamonds do flicker.

"Sorry I'm late, you wouldn't believe the traffic for a Sunday night!"

"You missed it..."


"You missed the jades and emeralds."

"Well luckily, I brought the diamonds with me... Will you marry me?"

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