The American Schooling Experience
The American  Schooling Experience school stories

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trying to keep it PG because my phone broke, so I'm left to post from my school laptop :(

The American Schooling Experience

-Million dollar gyms, but bathroom stalls with no doors -Speaking of bathrooms, crap sayings on the walls, mostly along the lines of "f this" -Stressed out, anxiety-prone teens running around on three hours of sleep and a crap ton of coffee -The pacer is its own topic

-Broken air conditioning -Classrooms that either feel like the arctic tundra, or the pits of hell -"Wikipedia isn't a reliable source" -A TON of standardized tests --"If someone dies during the final, everyone gets an A, so who's taking one for the team?"

-"If the teacher is more than fifteen minutes late we can leave" -Jeopardy -Quizlet -The cha-cha slide -Bomb Kahoot names -"The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

-Self-deprecating humor -"I'll pay you for your caffeine" -"Got any food?" -"THERE WAS HOMEWORK" -"The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do" -AND MORE BECAUSE AMERICA IS JUST GREATTTT

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