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scary, yet true

My Experience

I've decided since today's challenge is to write something about gunshots, I'll tell my story...

Last year, around February 20th, there was a shooting at my school. We had just been dismissed from the buses and we were hurrying into our homeroom classes.

Then there was the terrified voice and even more terrifying message to follow. "We are on lockdown! There's an active shooter in the school! I repeat, active shooter!"

It was terrifying! We all packed into the tiny supply closet, saying our goodbyes to our friends and family. Who would have thought that my school would be next?

At approximately 8:30, it was heard...the first gunshot. We cried and cried, hoping that the shooter hadn't hurt anyone. Hoping that they wouldn't hurt anyone.

Finally, at 1: 26 the bomb sniffing dogs and SWAT team had gotten to my classroom.

We were all sniffed thoroughly and were told to sprint, yes, sprint, to the nearest gym, so we could be released to our parents.

After being picked up I was informed on what really happened...

There was a 7th grader that snuck a gun to the school hoping for it to be a bigger massacre than Columbine... So when he got to school off the bus he headed straight to the bathroom.

Luckily, a boy walked in on him loading it. He accidentally shot himself...

I know this isn't by far the best grammatically and literally, but I just needed to type it up and release my story.

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