Love, Or So We Think

                      Love, Or So We Think

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what is love? does it exist or is it just a figure of our imagination?

Love, Or So We Think

Love is a confusing thing.

Why do you make me feel like I have butterflies, but the next I'm on the verge of tears?

Why do you make me feel like a princess, but in the following hour, a rag doll?

Why do you make me happy, when you make me cry 10 seconds later?

Why am I still here when you don't even care to ask me heartfelt things, you just pass over me like another one of your minions?

Why do I spend hours upon hours hopes you'll become better

Why have I not given up already? I know it's pathetic...I just don't understand you.

Maybe it'll get better...maybe it won't. I'm just confused

I'm living on my last hope.

So is it really love? Or just a sham? What is "love" at this point? Is it having a deep feeling of affection for someone? Only liking them for your own pleasure? Or is it just some absurd idea that was created long ago by some Mesopotamian slaves?

Honestly, I don't know... I'm just hoping that someone out there does truly feel this deep affection towards me called love.

Probably not...

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