Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self

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a letter to the older me...

Dear Future Self

Hey, love. How have you coped with things? Are you still in Ohio, struggling to get your feet off the ground?

Did Lexi's book make The New York Times Best Seller list? Is dad still a prick?

Did mum and dad get a divorce, finally? Did you make valedictorian? How about being forced to go to the University Of Georgia?

Did you ever get that black Hummer you saved up for since you were 12? Probably not.

Are Gwyn and Graham healthy?

Has Graham come out yet? Most importantly, have you explored your sexuality?

Man, I can't wait to see what it's like to have independence. I'm going to regret that, but life is life. It'll bite me in the butt eventually.

Did Danny turn out to be a pedophile? Or is he an actual human bean?

Did we move in with Lexi? Have you eventually met her?!

Did you even get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Are you happy? Did you admit to looking at yourself in disgust? Did you get medical attention for it? Is there an answer to why I jump so much? Did you pick back up our old habits?

Please tell me you didn't!

Love, your old self

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