Whole again
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Annabeth always knew a vital piece of her was missing. And when he showed up, she couldn’t help but feel complete.

Whole again


The space in Annabeth's chest could only be described as desolate. Where laughter and tears should be, all that remained was the nagging feeling that she couldn't run any farther.

Couldn't escape her past no matter how fast her feet pounded against the pavement, ringing through her ears, and echoing in the empty space of her body.

That is, until he showed up.

The boy with the stupid lopsided grin, and the startling green eyes that you couldn't help but ogle over. Percy. The boy who was destined to save the world. Even if he didn't know it yet.

She loathed him for his oblivion. His ignorance to evil and the things that chased you down, made her burn with a type of jealousy she never understood before.

But when he first smiled at her, she knew she was done running. When he first kissed her, she started feeling. And when he loved her, the empty space in her chest started to heal.

She swam through his eyes. And he made her whole again.

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