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Wisps. Does the name ring a bell? Probably not since, you are a human after all. Maybe the word "fairy" might be more familiar. Yes, well the answer is yes fairies do exist, but they are hidden at the moment. Not even I know where they are. Some do know you just gotta know who to ask. Wisps happen to exist as well.


Wisps. Does the name ring a bell? Probably not since, you are a human after all. Maybe the word "fairy" might be more familiar.

Yes, well the answer is yes fairies do exist, but they are hidden at the moment. Not even I know where they are. Some do know you just gotta know who to ask. Wisps happen to exist as well.

Let me enlighten you on the subject, I didn't even know what a wisp was until about a year ago so I don't blame you. A Wisp is a special creature that is one-half human and one-half fairy.

No, we do not wear pointy shoes. That is the elves. Entirely different story and way off subject. The reason why I know so much is because it just so happens that I am a wisp.

I breathe just like you, it is not like I am an alien. Goodness. Do you still not understand? I will continue the story I suppose. From the beginning.

You see all Wisps are born in a world called Jonven which you probably don't understand either because it is a name from the fairy-tongue.

In your language it means "enchanted woodlands" which I have to admit is a great description of it. Almost. It is much greater than that, but hard to explain in words.

Maybe your eyes will see it one day.


as I was saying all Wisps are born in Jonven and then are immediately taken from the grasp of their mothers and transported to the human world to live with a human "foster" family you might

as well call it. Wisps grow up knowing that fairies do not exist..until they are fifteen that is.

When a Wisp turns fifteen they can no longer pass a common human they start becoming their true form which is far more majestic than a human I must say.

You might wonder who takes a Wisp back to their true home in Jonven?

These are the wise and old "Wanderers". Wanderers are Wisps that have been alive for many centuries and have centuries worth of wisdom.

Only few are trusted with the role of a Wanderer and it is a high ranking and honor to have.

Though you might think a Wanderer is an old person, the special thing about Wisps is they age extremely slowly once they reach the milestone of fifteen.

So a wanderer could honestly look only a day over thirty. They are scattered everywhere in the human-world they could be anywhere.

Chances are you have passed by one at least once in your lifetime.

Ever felt a nip on your nose or the breeze in your hair? Most likely a Wanderer nearby because they have excellent control of their powers and sharp vision.

That's why they make such good scouts to find the Wisps ready to move on to their new homes. Their powers are so strongly developed they can hide as a human even at their ancient age.

It's quite amazing if you ask me and one day I hope I will be chosen.

As Wisps we learn multiple skills such as levitation, weather controllment, camouflage, animal communication, and more. When you are a Wisp like me you realized why you have such keen senses.

Speaking of me I believe it's time we had a proper introduction. My name is Xander. Xander Barnes and I am fifteen years old going on sixteen. Yes, I am a Wisp, but I didn't always know that.

I figure in a story like this it's always good to start from the beginning. So here you go.

Happy Birthday to me. I guess. Ah, it felt nice to sleep five extra minutes this morning.

Every single morning my older foster brother Maxuel (short for Max) comes and belly flops on me in the morning knocking the breath out of me. At a specific time even. 6:00 AM in the morning.

Today was 6:05 when he came barging in. Even though he still belly-flopped on me massively and still knocked the breath out of me at least I was there up and able to hold him off a bit.

"Maaaaaaxxx we talked about this I am fifteen now okay I am too old for this." I groaned. "You're never too old for me to annoy you." he said, smirking.

I rolled back over and he hit me in the head with a pillow. I slumped out of bed and put on my favorite hoodie and a pair of comfy jeans.

I walked out of the room cautiously knowing my parents would be eagerly waiting. "Good morning sweetheart!" My mother chirped. She approached and gently embraced me. "Heyo Mr.

fifteen!" my Dad bellowed deeply. He came and smacked me on the back extremely hard. Ouch. That stung. A lot. "I got your favorite breakfast on the table!" Mom said happily.

I walked casually over to the table and saw a delicate china plate with two blueberry muffins sitting upon it making my mouth water.

I eyed my target and lunged towards the plate, but it was too late my brother Max had already snatched it up with his meaty hands and stuffed it into his bag. "Sorry runt.

" he started shrugging. He put on his letterman jacket and dashed out the door. Well there went my breakfast I suppose. I grabbed a brand bar from the pantry and stuffed it in my pocket.

"Bye Mom bye Dad have a good day." I shouted walking out the door. I grumbled to myself. Well at least I got some breakfast. That was nice.

I walked down the street ignoring the swarm of friends my brother had around him. My brother Max was a jock making him extremely popular with everyone at the school.

I mean when he was a freshman he was even popular then! Apparently, the fame ran out by the time I got to high school.

I know what you're thinking and I guaranteed I have tried it already. I have tried every sport available. I fail at them all. Not even lying.

The only thing I can do with the word sport in it is be a good sport during Chess Club. Though it's not all that bad when you think about it.

Even though I don't have a huge group of friends like my brother over there at least I have some friends. Like my friend over there. Oh that's right you can't exactly see her yet.

She should be coming right around the hallway..now. That's my best-friend Reuben Price. He is the lead-singer in his own band "Limp fishing rod".

I am still working with him to help get him a better name. Because, there is no way. I mean no way.

Someone can say that name and not laugh, but of course Reuben says "All the great bands have stupid names." I highly doubt it.

Oh by the way did I mention he is the only member in that band of his. No way he's getting me to join I would never be able to perform in front of people.

Then there is the practical mom friend of the group Aaliyah Mendoza. We just call her Liyah though for short. "Hey guys whats up?" she muttered. She flipped her bright auburn hair gently.

"Hey Liyah, nothing much Reuben is just showing off his new merch." I stated. Reuben grabbed a tee shirt from his locker and wadded it up. He chucked it at Aaliyah and she caught it spot-on.

"Reuben you don't throw things at girls!" she snapped. They started bickering back and forth like every other day. Then they would turn backs on each other and walk off.

Then by lunchtime they would eventually forgive each other. I ignored them and grabbed my books from my locker and headed to my first class. That's when it started.

My first class of the day was Science. My scalp started to feel like it was on fire and I couldn't help, but itch it. This went on throughout the day getting worse and worse.

Finally, when it was Study hall I was excused to the restroom. I checked to make sure I was the only one there and then walked towards the mirror.

I hoped I didn't have lice though I have never had lice so I wouldn't know how it would feel! But, when I looked into the mirror I was shocked.

I had streaks of bright vivid silver running through my hair.

What had happened? Their was no logical explanation for this! I put up my hood on my hoodie and the rest of the day I dodged everyone. Even my friends.

I skipped lunch and finally on the walk home I was relieved.

That night I lay awake for many hours, until I was so tired of worrying I just dozed off. I woke up early that morning my ears throbbing in pain. "Ouch." I muttered to myself.

I ran up to the mirror to find my ears had developed points like those of an elven and my hair was completely silver. I was a freak! This happened to no other student in my grade.

Why me? On the day after my birthday too! That morning I was in a rush out the door hoping my parents wouldn't see me like this.

I ignored my brother, my friends, and sat in the back of class with my hood over my head. When I was about to leave my classic-literature class my teacher Mr. Stone stopped me.

"Xander I have noticed you have not been quite yourself lately, are you doing alright?" He asked. I nodded and then stood up immediately trying to leave.

"Xander you can be openly honest with me you know." He added. "Ok, I will show you, but you must promise not to laugh or scream or even react ok?" I responded. He nodded firmly.

I lowered my hoodie revealing my pointed ears and silver hair. Tears rolled gently down my cheek. "Don't you think I am weird or something?" I questioned. He shook his head.

He snapped his fingers and right before my eyes his hair turned white and his ears became pointed. "I am what you are Xander." He answered. I leaned back on the desk in shock.

Thoughts swirled throughout my head making me dizzy. "This has to be a dream." I said denying myself. "I am afraid it's all very real." He stated sternly.

I breathed heavily and put my hood back on crying softly. "I am a freak!" I whispered. He put his hand on my back patting me slowly. "It's not as bad as it seems." He said.

He murmured something under his breath I couldn't understand and my body went numb and the world around me went black. Silence. I was blacked out.

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