Is it okay to dream of a childhood friend? Chap. 2
Is it okay to dream of a childhood friend? Chap. 2 gay stories

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Phoenix finally gives Miles a call, but does Miles really want this?

Is it okay to dream of a childhood friend? Chap. 2

I am SO SO SO SORRY I didn’t post as scheduled. I hope this chapter appeases you guys. I’ve been busy since its Track season and, yes, I am quite the avid athlete. But who cares, lets get to the gay.

{Phoenix POV}

I’ve been pacing the office for the past hour. I really need to pull myself together. Argh! Stop blushing like he’s some middle school crush.

I looked at the phone I had placed upon my countertop, its case beaten and broken, the screen protector scratched and dirtied. Maybe I should call him... That would certainly be easier than biking my way to his office.

I wanted it to be more personal though. I want it to be special. But who am I kidding? He may not even BE gay in the first place. I reached for my phone, hand slightly trembling.

I picked up the phone and unlocked it, finding his number rested among the M group. Let’s see... Maya Fey Mia Fey Miles Edgeworth Ahh, here we go.

I clicked on his name, pulling up his profile on my phone. His Picture was of a Steel Samurai show Maya and I had gone too, where Miles was as happy as I’d ever seen him. I couldn’t help but snap a picture. Thinking back, I’m really glad Maya took me there since I had seen Miles that way.

I shook my head. In one tapping of my finger, I pressed call. The phone rang once, twice, three times. Was he going to pick up? Halfway through the fourth ring, I heard a click and pressed my ear to the phone.

“Hello, Edgeworth?”I managed to say confidently. “Hello, Wright. What is it?” He said in a brisk, cold tone. My heart sank. He doesn’t wanna talk to me, does he?

“I-I mean if you’re busy I’ll leave you alone-“ I began. “Huh? Oh, no, Wright. That’s not the case, I’m just tired,” Miles said, suddenly sounding exasperated. “What’s wrong?” My heart went from the bottom of the ocean to the tip of the Eiffel Tower in a split second. I started opening and closing my mouth, trying to form words.

“W-well,” I started. “Um... well. DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE PARK TO DISCUSS SOMETHING?” I suddenly blurted. I could almost see Mile’s shocked eyes when he said “W-what!? Wright, what are you saying?”

I clenched my teeth. I’m such an idiot, aren’t I? He isn’t gonna want to come. He’s probably busy I should just give up. But then Miles said something unexpected. “Would that be tonight or tomorrow?” I practically jumped at how quickly Miles could come back from that.

I hesitated, still surprised, when I managed to say, “Y-yeah. Tomorrow is good. 5 ‘o’ clock?” I said, trying my best to keep my voice steady. The prosecutors voice was steady and perfect when he said, “Okay, Phoenix. I’ll write it down.” H-he just said my name. My FIRST name. We’ve been in a last name basis for so long...

I was caught up in my joy when I remembered the man on the other end. “Th-thanks,” I paused, thinking. “Bye Miles.” I had just called Miles by his first name as well. “Goodbye.” The mans voice was smooth as I heard the phone click.

I took a sharp inhale, not realizing How hard my heart was pounding. How DID he stay so calm? I collapsed onto our old, torn, but comfy couch. “Wow,” I said to myself quietly. “I have a date with Miles Edgeworth.”

The End of Chapter two! Not sure how many chapters this is going to be. I tend to overwrite and be bad at pacing but I REALLY hope you guys aren’t getting bored. Thanks for reading my WrightWorth trash lol.

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