Driving „Miles“ Down the Highway
Driving „Miles“ Down the Highway gay stories

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Phoenix is in the passenger seat next to Miles. turmoil unfolds...

Driving „Miles“ Down the Highway

A quick NaruMitsu/WrightWorth oneshot Minific. Hope you enjoy this extremely cheesy oneshot with our favorite lawyers~

{Phoenix POV}

Phoenix simply needed a ride across a busy highway he couldn‘t go across on his bike. He had never actually gotten his drivers license and probably never will. He trusted Miles, and that was definitely the only reason he chose him to drive.

“Wright,” Miles began. “Why do you need to go across town again?” He sounded tired. I suddenly felt bad for bothering him like this. “Well, I need to head over to investigate a crime scene,” I said slowly. “I simply can’t bike there.”

I begged the stars he wouldn’t shut me down and claim that I could simply take the Taxi. Instead, Miles adjusted his glasses, and breathed out a heavy sigh. “Okay.” He agreed, sounding less than optimistic, but at least Phoenix had a ride.

As the two men made their way down the busy roads of LA, Phoenix grew more and more aware of how close he was to Miles. One wrong move and I could accidentally touch his hand or something, Phoenix thought, blushing slightly.

The tension in the air grew thick. “Is something wrong, Wright?” Miles asked. “Ah, no,” Phoenix lied. “I’m just nervous to see the crime scene?” He said with a little too much of a question in his voice.

Miles gripped the steering wheel thoughtfully before saying, “Wright, something is up, you already know what it looks like because of the case report.” Damnit. Phoenix thought, struggling not to kick himself for being so foolish.

Suddenly, Phoenix had an idea. “Fine,” Phoenix began, a slight shake in his voice. “It’s about someone... Someone I like...” Miles set his jaw. Strange. Phoenix thought.

“Yes,” Phoenix continued. “I have feelings for someone but I don’t know what to do.” Miles shook his head. “Ah, I can’t really tell you anything about that.” His voice seemed to have some underlying tone he couldn’t quite place. The two friends, who, usually talked back and forth easily, had nothing to say.

I guess my situation really is hopeless. if he really liked me back, he would’ve said something. Phoenix pondered. But then again, he’s world famous for controlling his emotions and seldom ever showing them. I doubt he’d ever waste his time on someone like me, a spikey-haired defense attorney.

Phoenix noticed that the car seemed to go faster. Miles’ facial expression was unreadable but there was an undeniable glint in his eye. Phoenix just held on, he trusted Miles, he just hoped he hadn’t said anything to upset his friend who was currently driving him on a particularly busy highway in LA.

He then remembered that Miles had spent much of his life in Germany, where the highways allowed you to go much faster. Phoenix bit his lip.

He looked at the speedometer. He couldn’t get a good look, but they appeared to be going faster than most cars. Don’t tell me that Miles, in his bright red sports car, did this on a regular basis?

Phoenix held his breath, a worried look on his face. Miles seemed to notice and slowed down. His face became soft, a look that suited the man, but wasn’t seen very often. “You don’t like pulse-racing speed?” Miles asked, a slight chuckle raising in his voice.

“N-no,” I let out. “And aren’t you a prosecutor? Punisher of criminals? And you choose to speed on a highway?” Miles smirked, his eyes locked on the road. “I figured the country owes me this much.” He said simply. Phoenix had no idea that the usual stoic man was such an adrenaline junkie.

I learn something new everyday.

When they finally got there, Phoenix was running late. “Stupid LA traffic.” Phoenix murmured to himself. Miles turned to look at him before he got out, his expression was yet again, his usual shielded look.

He then smiled, which made Phoenix’s heart flutter. “I enjoyed this, feel free to ask me to ride you anytime.” Miles said, still smiling. Now, Phoenix was blushing. Miles’ cheeks were also dusted a light shade of pink.

Both men leaned in, faces close, both radiating heat. Phoenix’s eyes sparkled. Phoenix grabbed the back of Mile’s head and kissed him. Miles was taken aback, but recovered quickly, and gave me a kiss that reassured me.

H-he’s actually kissing me back, and quite passionately as well. Phoenix thought, delighted. I had no idea Miles was, well, like this. When they separated, it felt like Phoenix was staring into a strangers eyes.

Miles’ looked so happy in that moment. His usual cold, grey eyes were now a more warm, welcoming tone. Phoenix smiled and Miles, who looked embarrassed, smiled a small smile back.

“Th-that was great.” Phoenix finally said. “Agreed.” Miles set himself back to normal. He fixed his hair and cravat which both had been ruffled in the ordeal. “Maybe we could get dinner sometime?” Miles suddenly asked.

Now THIS was weird. Miles taking the first move? “Is that a date?” Phoenix quirked the side of his mouth up in a smirk. Miles blushed. “I guess so.” Miles tried his best to look professional, but was failing miserably.

The other man then crossed his arms and put his shield back up. “You have a case to get to, right?” He asked. “Ah, yes.” Phoenix nodded, now reminded. Phoenix exited the car after saying bye to Miles, now happiest man on earth.

TYSM for making it this far! This one was kind of long but I figured more people would read it all if I didn’t split it up into parts. Please like for more like this and comment any constructive criticism or requests for more stories. P.S: I do not do 18+/NSFW Sincerely, WrightWorth author

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