A Strange Way of Saying Sorry
A Strange Way of Saying Sorry gay stories

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Miles wants to apologize for everything that went wrong.

A Strange Way of Saying Sorry

This is a fanfic that takes place soon after the fourth case of the first game and some events of the second game. So, if you have not played the first two games yet, I advise your do not read this as it contains spoilers!!! You have been warned... (Also if you’ve never played Ace Attorney, what are you waiting for?)

It was a quiet, spring night. A slight chill was sweeping through LA... ...and Phoenix’s cheap office building. Phoenix shivered but refrained from turning on the heat, nesting himself under a blanket.

“Maya’s out getting ramen with Pearls...” Phoenix thought warily. “They’ve been gone a while.” Phoenix sat around, beginning to feel a bit drowsy. It was only 4:00pm, so he got up and went to the kitchen to make himself something to eat.

But thats when he heard a knock. It was a short, stiff little rap on the thin wooden door. Phoenix turned, a bit frightened by the sudden noise. He began walking toward the door, wondering who might be coming around. “Perhaps its Maya.” He muttered to himself.

The face he saw through the peephole was definitely not the one he expected, or maybe even WANTED to see. It was Miles Edgeworth. His best friend he’s known since grade school, and also the man who’d made everyone believe he’d killed himself for an entire year...

Phoenix was unsure whether or not to open the door, his feelings clashing and fighting within his head was almost too much to bear. Phoenix felt something buried deep within him that made him unlock the door and turn the knob.

“Hello, Wright.” Miles said in his usual tone, with a bit of underlying anxiety. “E-Edgeworth? What are you doing here?” Phoenix responded, still dumbfounded. Miles simply shook his head. “Is Maya here?” Edgeworth asked casually.

“N-no,” Phoenix answered. “Why?” Phoenix stepped back so the other man could enter the room. “I must speak to you,” Edgeworth looked conflicted as he spoke. “About when I ran away.”

Phoenix was suddenly filled with anger. He clenched his fist and looked at Edgeworth. “Why now!?” Phoenix nearly shouted. “Why couldn’t you have told me this before you made me believe you’d died? That you’d killed yourself over a stupid record!?” Miles recoiled from this, and Phoenix suddenly felt bad.

Edgeworth shook himself and sighed. “I didn’t tell you because-“ He began. “Because why!?” Phoenix responded. “-Because I knew you’d try to find me.” Edgeworth finished and took Phoenix’s hand.

“I know you,” Edgeworth’s hand gripped mine. “You would’ve tried to save me. I just needed some time-“ “No,” Phoenix tore away from Edgeworth and put his hands to his head. “This is all too much.” Phoenix looked at his hands. Why had Mile’s touch been so comforting?

Phoenix looked back at Edgeworth. The pain in the other man’s eyes was so unbearable to look at. Phoenix suddenly wanted to hug Miles and tell him it was going to be okay. Phoenix remembered he was supposed to be mad.

“I just can’t stay mad at you,” Phoenix confessed. “I-i don’t know...” Miles smiled a little. Was that blush creeping onto his pale skin? Phoenix knew he shouldn’t have thoughts like that about his best friend.

Phoenix took Mile’s hands again. “I’m sorry for yelling at you like th-“ Phoenix started. “No, you have every right to be mad.” Miles interrupted, squeezing his hands. “I should have told you I just needed to realign myself. I was overwhelmed.”

Phoenix looked into the other man’s eyes. His steely grey eyes now a softer shade. “And now I realize,” Miles smiled. “Just how much I took you for granted.” Phoenix couldn’t help the blush that found its way onto his cheeks, and that slid its way to his nose.

Phoenix also couldn’t help getting closer to Miles, like someone else was doing it. The rest of the world went silent, nothing moved, it was just Miles. Miles was a flustered, adorable, and pale mess.

Before Phoenix knew it, Miles’ hand moved from the other man’s, to Phoenix’s head. Miles’ hands were soft and gentle as his lips touching Phoenix’s The two men could’ve stayed like that for hours, which was only minutes before they had too gasp for air.

Wind ruffled Mile’s bangs, his eyes sparkled, his hand slid off of the back of Phoenix’s head. Phoenix was sure his hair was mussed but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the beautiful man in front of him. The man he had forgiven even though he broke his heart.

Phoenix loved Miles, and Miles never let go. “Don’t leave, its cold.” Phoenix smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t.” Miles responded, letting his own cheerfulness get the best of the usual stoic man.

“Wow, what a wonderful life.” Phoenix thought as Miles sat on his own couch. But at that very moment, a very distinct and familiar duo of sounds brushed past his ears.

Maya and Pearls. He’d forgotten in light of... ...recent events.

“H-Huh, what’s Mr. Edgeworth doing here!?” Maya jumped back in surprise. “We can explain!” Both men exclaimed at the same time. But Phoenix knew he was over when that familiar smug smile crept over Maya’s face...


OH WOW WHAT AN ENDING!!! This was a creative impromptu I did.I just started writing the first thing that came to mind. I’ve wanted to do a fanfic based off of the dilemma in the trilogy with those two for a while, I just hand’t figured it out until now.

And then I just started writing... So sorry if its bad or some spelling/grammar is off! Anyways, thanks for reading! Sincerely, Wrightworth Author

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