Accidentally Became Good~Drarry(Part 7)
Accidentally Became Good~Drarry(Part 7) drarry stories
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Draco started an 'Anti-Bullying Campaign' as a joke but now everyone is taking him seriously. [Updates may vary]

Accidentally Became Good~Drarry(Part 7)

*In the Gryffindor Commonroom*

~Harry's POV~

I walk in and instantly Ron and 'Mione's heads turn to me. "Everyone get out!" 'Mione starts screaming as everyone runs to their rooms. I hear a sigh and see 'Mione glaring at me.

"Where were you?" I start to stumble over my words, "I, um, well....." She stares at me. "Well, what?" I groan, "I was with Draco okay.

" Ron's eyes widen, "Why him?!" 'Mione and I roll our eyes and explain what's happened.

Ron doesn't seem to calm down much, "What if it's all fake?!" I glare at him and say, "He seemed genuine when talking about it.

" Ron just grunts, rolls his eyes, and stomps off, "When you find out he's lying to you don't come crying to me!" He slams the door shut. I slump to the floor and begin to sob.

'Mione comes over and hugs me, "He's just upset, he'll get over it soon. Let's just go to bed, okay?" I nod and get up to go to bed.


I wake up to see that I'm the last one up. I get up and get ready for breakfast. I walk up to the Gryffindor table to see Ron sitting with Seamus and Dean. I sigh and sit with 'Mione.

I glance over at Ron again and start to break down. I run out and collapse behind a pillar. I hear someone walk over but don't look up. Suddenly I'm being hugged, I lean into the warmth and sob.

After I calm down I look up to see Draco. "What was that all about, Harry?" I pause for a second and respond, "Ron got upset because I'm friends with you now.

" Draco holds me tighter and says, "If he can't accept that you and I made up and became friends than he's not worth it."

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