Accidentally Became Good~Drarry (Part 12)
Accidentally Became Good~Drarry (Part 12) drarry stories
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Draco started an 'Anti-Bullying Campaign' as a joke but now everyone is taking him seriously. [Updates may vary]

Accidentally Became Good~Drarry (Part 12)

*2 weeks later*

~3rd POV~

It's been a couple of weeks since Draco and Harry told their friends about their relationship. Both of them have slowly become more open with PDA.

It's quite common to see them holding hands in the halls, sitting together by the lake, or even cuddling on the couch in either the Slytherin or Gryffindor dorms.

Draco has become more involved in the Anti-bullying campaign and most of the younger students go to him for help, they adore him.

Whenever Harry isn't with Draco, Draco starts to question what would happen if Harry found out why the Anti-bullying campaign started, would he leave him, yell at him?

Or would he understand that Draco has changed the way he sees the campaign now and forgive him?

Often, Draco stays up late overthinking about the possibilities, sometimes he would even be sent into full-blown panic attacks, Pansy helped him with those.

It was one of those times where Draco was having a panic attack but neither Pansy nor Blaise were there today. As Draco is hyperventilating Harry walks in.

He sees Draco panicking and rushes over, "Draco? Draco, what's wrong?

!" Draco looks up and his eyes go wide, he pushes Harry away, "N-no! You'll hate me!!" he screams through sobs and shallow breaths. Harry is shocked, "What do you mean? I could never hate you.

" Draco starts to sob harder, "But, y-you will."

Harry grips Draco's shoulders, "Listen, I could never hate you, ok? Now, I need you to calm down and tell me what's wrong" Draco shakily nods, "O-ok" Harry helps Draco steady his breathing.

Once Draco is calm enough Harry asks, "Can you tell me what is wrong now?" Draco slowly nods.

"S-so, y'know how I started the anti-bullying campaign?" Harry gives him a questioning look, "Yes? What about it?" Draco takes a couple deep breaths and says, "Well, it may have been fake.

Bu-" "IT WAS WHAT?!" Draco flinches slightly, "Harry, let me explain.

" "EXPLAIN WHAT?! THAT YOU WERE LYING TO ME!! WAS ALL OF THIS FAKE?! WAS OUR RELATIONSHIP FAKE!?" Draco's eyes widen, "No, Harry I would never fake that! I promise, I love you!"

"How do I know that you aren't lying?" tears start to roll down Harry's cheeks. "I promise you, I'm not!" Draco is practically begging at this point.

"I don't know if I could ever believe you at this point." Harry then storms away.

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