Pluto's Tears

Pluto's Tears poetry stories

phoebezwi Passion. Power. Purpose✨✨✨
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From a planet, to a dwarf, to none... guess I’ve always been made the pun

Pluto's Tears

From a planet, to a dwarf, to none. Guess I have always been made the pun. Seen as a lonely mass floating in space, trying to shield on Neptune's base,

wish I knew that standing at the back of the line

comes with a higher chance of missing the wine.

The 8 giants before me,

already trap the rays that fall on me.

The mortals that found me, cannot reach a consensus to categorize me.

Oh, look at big ol' Jupiter! Strong, fast, its perfection makes me stutter.

Am I not unlucky? Unfavored by both nature and man.

And don't look at my pale blue

and think that I have a flu

I'm crying I'm hurting

I crave the glitz found in Uranus

and the life found in Mother Earth.

I crave to be noticed...

Pluto is crying, And so am I.

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