Apology for my 4 hour Lecture

Apology for my 4 hour Lecture

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phoebezwi Passion. Power. Purpose✨✨✨
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I wrote this Poem in one of my Long Lectures! It wasn’t 4 hours long , but long enough to feel like it 😂.

Apology for my 4 hour Lecture


The sound of my brain crashing into walls only seen in my dreams.

Waking me abruptly from my sleep

Yes, you guessed it,

I’m slumbering at the sight of my professor.

I have total willingness to learn

But I end up gazing at the black and white screen, With words that are supposed to be my key to success

But instead,

Reading them is a lullaby I’m reading to myself

Why does bedtime come so early?

Why do my eyes get heavy a minute after your intro professor?

Why is it so easy to read Lecture 101 as Sleep 101?

Oh, and the embarrassment!

Of being caught before you hit the wall.

I hear the laughter from my fellow dreamers

But deep down i know that, you waking me up, woke someone else close by...

I’m a Hero!

Written by Zwivhuya Phoebe Mudau Loved it? Then please give it a thumbs up!

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