The Colourless World
The Colourless World sad stories

phoebe_emerson Community member
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You don't belong in this colourless world.

The Colourless World

The world was colourless for a while. Everything was bland. My life was like a black and white movie. Dull.

Why couldn’t I see the colour like everyone else? People smile and dance around in the colours of the world. I dreamt to be able to see the colour again. But I couldn’t.

I was stuck in a colourless pit of self-hate. A mental brawl with my own self. I was too afraid to reach out to those able to see the colours.

I didn’t want to spread my colourless ways like it was a disease. I trapped myself in my monochrome room. I went to school where people would look through me like I was a ghost.

It almost made me believe I was, living in a whole separate world. A black and white world, separated from the coloured world.

When my world was getting darker and darker and all seemed hopeless, I spotted a fleck of colour. A bright yellow light. She reached out her hand and I was uncertain if I should take it.

Why are you here? You don’t belong in this colourless world. She holds me. I see tiny specks of colour everywhere. She takes my hand and she shows me other yellow flecks.

They all embrace me and when I open my eyes I see colour. I can see the pretty pink flowers and baby blue sky.

Day by day the world gets more pigmented and finally I’m able to smile and dance in this colourful world.

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