Transgender Rights Provoked In Alabama
Transgender Rights Provoked In Alabama stories

phobophobia "I'm sorry that I exist"
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I hate Alabama chile anyways so

Transgender Rights Provoked In Alabama

Just recently, In Alabama, a law has been passed to prevent transgender youth under 19 from using puberty blockers.

I, myself, am a demigirl, and under 19 and that. This law doesn't effect me as much as it effects others, who full-on change their gender. yet I understand their pain.

Can you imagine, lets say you are a christian, and you want to be baptized, right? Well guess what, now there is a law saying that you cannot do so because you are underaged.

It's just like that.

This law was passed by a cisgender, heterosexual, white male. Imagine the law to stop you from being baptized was passed by an atheist, wouldn't that upset you?

Obviously, they wouldn't know what it's like. To be laying in bed, AT THREE AM, HATING YOUR BODY, WISHING YOU WERE NEVER BORN.

It boils my blood, I'm trying to be professional about this, but it's difficult. THIS IS JUST AS BAD AS HAVING TO FAKE YOUR RELIGION, TO HAVE TO PRETEND THAT YOU ARE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT.

no one should have to go through this, ever, periodtt.


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