Dream #1
Dream #1 dream stories

phobophobia "I'm sorry that I exist"
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Dream #1

I tapped my index and middle finger on my keyboard impatiently, waiting on him to return. My fingers grew sore, so I stopped. "Sorry about this," I mumbled into my mic. He didn't usually take so long. He almost always tried to speedrun doing this.

I hummed the lyrics to a song, a bit too self-conscious to sing, just yet at least. I got more bored, and spun my chair towards the doorframe. At last I heard the familiar noise of him running up the stairs. He had his own sort of tune he did, that no one else made. Quite strange.

Soon enough I saw him enter the room, coke in his hand. " 'Kay we're good." I announced. He nodded to me and I smiled, turning back to my set-up. The side of my screen updated rapidly as the boy plopped into his seat. Obviously I wasn't the only one who had gotten tired of waiting.

"Ayup chat!" He greeted warmly. "Who's ready for some bedwars?" His accent really stuck out towards the end of the sentence, I noticed. "Bedwars with Tommyinnit," I giggled, "This is gonna be hell."

(A/n: Hiya there :3 I decided to start writing about my dreams, and this was one of them. I'll probably do nightmares as well, I'm trying to post more often and I think this will help! . . any other Tommyinnit kinnies/fans here?)

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