A Zombie Among them.
A Zombie Among them. zombie apocalypse stories

phobophobia "I don't wanna be a soft boy anymore..."
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A Zombie Among them.

Students run through out the halls, shouting, trying to interact with others before the next class. Nova,however,rubs the back of her head. Standing at her locker groggily. Her head aches, her face pale, and her heart torn.

It's like she's come back from the dead.

Four weeks out of school and suddenly no one cares about her.

Her friend(?), nicknamed melon, stands a few feet away from her, chatting with someone Nova doesn't know.

Earlier, during lunch, people who she thought were her friends, approached her, and it made her happy. But then they just asked for snacks.

She feels like a zombie.

And looks like one too. Under her eyes are bags from no sleep the previous night, she flinches constantly, and her skin is as white as it could possibly be.

Of course, no one notices. And she's used to that by now. Soon the bell rings and she sighs, late for class. A zombie among them.

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