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Based this from an experience I had with a friend. It also just happened recently.

Broken Trust

by starryeyes

You were my best friend...

We had spent a lot of time together. We shared our dreams, memories, and laughter. You were always there to bring me up when I am down, you were always there to make me smile instead of frown.

You hadn't given up on me even though I rarely talked before

The day we met at school, I am sorry if I seem rude. I was scared of people then for I was a bullied victim. But you had managed to draw me out of my shell, my life now plucked away from hell.

You are my anime buddy, and the clown in our group.

I was delighted to know we share the same interests, and the bond grew stronger in our friendship. You always love to crack up jokes, and you always loved to tease me a lot due to my reactions.

It was all good between us.

Our friendship sailed smoothly, never had it walked on places that're rocky. My world you had brightened, my self now enlightened. We became the best of friends and I wish for it to never end.


The moment you told me you've fallen in love with my cousin, I cheered you on. I was glad to see you two so happy for I care not for my well being but yours. You deserved joy instead of sadness.

It was going smoothly.

You two weren't a couple though but you two have a mutual understanding. You hang out together at school, talking happily. I acted up as the cover so people won't know you both love each other.

It all came spiralling down into a mess.

When my cousin began to ignore you, I understand that it hurts. I gave you pieces of advice but it seems like you wouldn't follow them. You threw out your frustrations at me but it was fine.

But you went too far...

Out of your anger, you told me my bloodline is nothing but filled with jerks. My heart had shattered when I realized that by bloodline, I am also included there. You shouldn't have said that...

You shouted at me, something you wouldn't do to me before.

One day I told you that I had to go first for I was tired but you insisted that I stay. I did. But you did something and I was shocked. You screamed why I won't talk. I DID TALK to you, didn't I?

An unknown rift now exists between us.

I cried hard. I was in pain. Is this your true colors showing? I had respected you, understood your feelings but you let anger take the best of you and look what it did, it had created this rift.

And now...

I showed you my notebook and you saw a part that's been labeled as "Private! Don't open!". You tried to open it and I protested. I told you no for the folded pages contain something too sensitive

I also see that you don't really trust me well.

Besides, all I wanted was privacy. But you... there are things you never told me but you told our other friends. I asked you what it was but you don't want to tell me... and it hurts... why?

And when I told you this last summer vacation...

My problem had been triggered badly. I chatted you and told you I was scared of losing you as my friend but you told me that I was just belittling our friendship... you had made my problem worse.

Now, you've broken my trust in you.

During lunch time, when I went back inside the classroom, I saw you there reading my notebook. But you were reading the private part and I felt my whole world stop. Didn't I tell you "no"?

I was in distraught with what you did.

My trust had shattered into a million pieces of asteroids, something that I was really trying to avoid. But there you were, reading away. You did not listen to any word and warning I say.

I don't know anymore... why do I even keep you by my side?

I am really devastated and sad... but yes, if you want to, you can put all those broken pieces of my trust back. Though I guarantee that you won't be able to mend and fix all those missing gaps.

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