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I opened my eyes. My eyes took a moment, to adjust to the dim glow that seems to, radiate from everywhere in this room, I am in. As my eyes adjusted, all I can see was the shape of a man, kneeling just in front of me. As my vision gets clearer, I saw that man is looking at me with an expression of fear and surprise.


I opened my eyes. My eyes took a moment, to adjust to the dim glow that seems to, radiate from everywhere in this room, I am in.

As my eyes adjusted, all I can see was the shape of a man, kneeling just in front of me. As my vision gets clearer, I saw that man is looking at me with an expression of fear and surprise.

"KILL HIM!" commanded a high pitched cold voice in my head, and at once I obliged.

My hands shot through the air, clung to his neck, and started to strangle him tight. He struggled to pry away my hands, but my hands never faltered the hold.

His eyes showed so much fear, which in turn made me angry. Boiling with rage, I strangled more tightly.

Struggling, flailing, and choking continued for few more moments, as my raging eyes mismatched his fearful eyes.

Finally, what seems to be an eternity for me, he has gone limp. His hands fell to the floor, but still I haven't loosened my grip on his neck.

My hands and wrists hurt, but I don't care about that now. All I need right now, is I have to make sure he died.

His face still has that fearful expression, that's when I decided he is dead and released my hands. He fell limply backward on the floor.

Knees under him and hands spread across in awkward angle, unmoving, confirmed me that he is absolutely dead. Apparently when you die, your last expression will be etched on your face.

Mouth slightly open, and with a shocked expression, his death face looked scary to me.

I killed him! I killed a man! I just destroyed a SOUL! Guilt washed all over me, as I try to recollect my thoughts on what had happened.

My hands shook, as I cover my face in the horror of what I've done. I take a peek at him through my fingers; his eyes now seem to look like, accusing me for what I've done.

I turned away from him so I cannot look at him.

I looked around me to make sense of what is happening right now. I saw a black shiny small piece of cloth, lying beside the man, I just strangled to death.

The man wore a dress of the black colour exactly like the cloth beside him in the floor. I looked down at me, and to a mild surprise, I also wearing the same type dress.

But this didn't make any sense to me at all. Why am I even here? Who is this man, I just killed? Why did I kill him? Who am I to him? Who am I? What am I doing here? How did I get here?

I looked again for some clues, and found a rope lying to the other side of the man. That didn't explain anything to me either, only triggered more questions.

Ignoring all the questions arising from me, I looked again. I saw the room I am in right now, which doesn't seem to be a room at all.

I don't see any walls around me; in fact I don't see anything at all except for me, the dead man, the piece of cloth and the rope illuminated by light from nowhere.

Maybe there are walls only it's in the darkness, if I walked out of illuminated place I might find out. But I am afraid if I moved, something might happen to me.

I stretched my hands to feel, if there is anything in the utter darkness, but my hands waved only in the empty air, but oddly enough my hands didn't disappear in utter darkness,

instead it illuminated on its own. I started to feel absolute fear creeping up in me. There is no one here, no one, except for the dead man and me. I am all alone. I don't know where I am.

I don't know why I am here. I don't know who am I. I know nothing. I feel so vulnerable. The darkness around me is suffocating me.

I closed my eyes so I can look nothing, but it only made me more scared.

I tried to calm myself by taking deep breaths. After a while I managed to calm myself, and looked around yet again.

A red door stood few distance away in front of me, that door was not there before, but here it is all of a sudden out of nowhere. The door too seems to be illuminated by the light from nowhere.

Trying not to be afraid, I stood up and walked over the dead man to the door.

As I moved forward, the light from nowhere seem to follow me too illuminate me, but nothing else is in the light, I am walking on nothing. Fear gripped me again, but I walked nonetheless.

Finally I reached the door; I reached for the doorknob to open the door. But something caught my attention before I open the door.

My wrists have some kind of marks on it, I touched one wrist using the other hand, and I felt little twinge of pain in the wrist.

The marks must have made by some object pressing against skin, because it's more of a dent than marks, and its bright red where the dent is formed by the pressure.

I wanted to know how I got these marks on my wrists, but I am also equally curious to open the door and see what is on the other side.

Inner battled raged for few moment, and in the end curiosity overcome the wanting, so I turned the knob and opened the door slightly, so I can put my headfirst and see what's on the other side.

Behind the door it seems to be hallway, it stretched endlessly from left to right. I opened the door little wider, and stepped out to the hallway.

The hallway has floor and walls fortunately, looking at that I breathed a sigh of relief.

The long endless hallway has countless doors on one side, just like the one I came out from, and on the other side is just wall stretching from left to right endlessly.

The floor and the ceiling also stretch endlessly from left to right. Out of countless doors, I chose the door to my right, the very next to door from which I came from.

The door has an O symbol on it. I looked at the doors at both the sides, and found the same O symbol on it. I chose to ignore this, and I opened the door and stepped inside.

Once again I seem to be in middle of nothing, illuminated by the light from nowhere.

Afraid, I almost turned back to the hallway, but I saw a shape lying on the floor, no, not floor, in middle of nothing.

I hesitated, the shape is clearly a person, but I am afraid to walk through nothing to reach the person. Overcoming fear, I ran to the person.

I knelt beside the person and looked.

The person is wearing the same dress as mine, shiny black dress, but the person's face was covered by a cloth, and the person's hands are tied behind the back.

I quickly untied the hands, while untying I realised the person is unconscious. I hold the person, and lifted the person to a sitting position. Still holding, I removed the cloth from the face.

I let go of him in shock, but he didn't fell over. The reason for me being shocked is that this man is the same man that I just murdered.

But before I could react to anything, he opened his eyes, and looked at my shocked and surprised face.

For a moment he just looked at me, and then suddenly his hands were at my neck and started strangle me. I struggled, but he kept his hold tight.

I fearfully looked at raging eyes, and everything just faded away.


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